Diagrams for Sale

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Learning Mathematics with Origami, Tung Ken Lam and Sue Pope, Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Learning Mathematics with Origami [pdf]

Price: $9.00
Giraffe weevil

Giraffe Weevil [pdf]

Price: $3.99
Seven-segment Display

Seven-Segment Display [pdf]

Price: $4.00
Sky Scraper Kusudama

Sky Scraper Kusudama [pdf]

Price: $2.00

Origami Boats & Ships [pdf]

Price: $6.00

Heart with I ❤ U [pdf]

Price: $4.50

Poker Cards: a Heart [pdf]

Price: $5.50
Tapak Dara Kusudama

Tapak Dara Kusudama [pdf]

Price: $3.00
Windmill Quilt

Windmill Quilt [pdf]

Price: $5.00
Quilt Origami

Rose Quilt [pdf]

Price: $5.00

Poker Cards: a Diamond [pdf]

Price: $5.00

3D Card with a Heart [pdf]

Price: $4.00
front side of poker card 10 diamond

Poker Cards: 10 Diamond [pdf]

Price: $7.50
"FOLD, TWIST, REPEAT" by Alessandro Beber (2013)

Fold, Twist, Repeat [pdf]

Price: $12.50
Pentagonal Coaster

Pentagonal Coaster and Tato [pdf]

Price: $2.95

Dragon [pdf]

Price: $2.00
Dollar butterfly

Butterfly Made of Money [pdf]

Price: $2.00

Spiral Christmas Tree [pdf]

Price: $3.50

Cuttlefish [pdf]

Price: $2.99

Narwhal [pdf]

Price: $2.99

Beluga [pdf]

Price: $2.99

Phantom Gentleman [pdf]

Price: $4.50

Fallen Leaves [pdf]

Price: $4.50
Halloween bat

Halloween Bat [pdf]

Price: $2.00